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Elaine Silver - I'm Good At Speech
Music that teaches children good communication skills

Elaine joins Speech and Language Pathologist Elizabeth Ostuni in the creation of this wonderful collection of original songs that children love. Ages 18 months to 9 years old. Engineered by John Guth. 1990.  Now in CD format!

Silly Sounds
I'm Good At Speech 1
5 Senses Blues
Magic Words
Slow Down
Copy Cat
Sharing Is Fun To Do
Take Turns Talking
Talk About
Yesterday Words
My Little Voice Box
I'm Good At Speech 2
  • For teaching good communication skills to young children, I co-created the "I'm Good At Speech" project with my partner, Speech-Language Pathologist Elizabeth Ostuni in 1990! 
    The program consists of 12 original songs that are perfect for all kids ranging in ages 18 months through 9.
    CD: $23      Any two or more of my CDs are $18 each
    Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted.
  • Even though Liz and I created this program so many years ago, it stands up to time and works well for all kids. 
    I continue to receive orders for the CD, since it was originally designed with a cassette. People have worn out the tape and now request digital!
    We sno longer have books and flashcards available.
    Please contact me at ESilver888@aol.com