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Sending you Love, Light and Blessings

Contributed on March 18, 2014

Give One Get Many!

One afternoon, in the summer of 1999, as part of my annual summer music tour out west, I was driving south on Route 68 heading towards Carmel, CA.  There was a lot of traffic heading in both directions, and when I got to a side street on my right, I noticed a woman waiting to make a left turn to head north on Route 68.
There just happened to be a break in the traffic heading north, so I stopped to allow her to make that left turn.  As she drove past me, she blew me a kiss, which not only took me by surprise, but it really made my day!  It just felt so good and gave me new faith in people who are strangers.  In fact I am still basking in that loving light as I recall the event.
Since that experience, whenever someone gives me a break in the traffic flow, I blow him/her a kiss too.  I hope and imagine that it lifts their spirits as it did for me, and continues to do for me, so many years later, as the ripple effect is Infinite.  

What we set in motion keeps going.  Why not have it be a small (or big) act of kindness?  It builds upon itself, per the following research quoted from a 2002 article from Oprah's website:

"Can one person acting nobly spread goodness in the world? 

'Absolutely,' suggests research by Jonathan Haidt, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. Haidt coined the term elevation to describe the emotion we feel when we encounter evidence of what he calls moral beauty. Seeing—or even just reading about—others' courage, compassion, or generosity can not only make us better people but increase the likelihood we'll do good works of our own. 

'Elevation seems to have a ripple effect, triggering cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes,' Haidt says. 'It makes people more open, more loving, grateful, compassionate, and forgiving.'

These feelings of elevation actually raise personal vibration.  When we raise our vibration, we can more easily attract things and situations that are wanted, such as physical healing.  And it's very important to be clear and focus upon what it is we want, rather than what we don't want.  

I believe that the Universe always says "Yes."  If we are continually focused on what is NOT desired, the Universe may very well demonstrate: "Yes! You DON'T want that.  And here is MORE of what you do not desire."  

This also shows us contrast, and when we become aware that we may be creating what we don't desire, we can consciously move to better-feeling thoughts.  This is a practice and can take time and attention.

Do an act of Kindness for yourself.  Have the Intention to put your Attention on what it is you want.  As soon as you discover that you're feeling any Tension, see this as contrast and a nudge from the Universe to "Let Go and Let God."  Surrendering to what is can be a sacred act we do for ourselves and even those around us.

The more we practice this "Art of Allowing" the more we can be in the Flow.

I am very grateful for random acts of kindness being promoted and becoming more and more a part of humanity's awareness.    

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Doing-Good-Deeds-Natural-Highs-How-to-Spread-Kindness#ixzz2r4oI5ZAN  

May 25, 2013

I have decided to contribute to my BLOG, in case some people who aren't yet on my Newsletter List would like to know what is going on in my life and career.

A little over a year ago, I began to work with my friend and Kindred Spirit Joy Freeman who had recently moved to St. Petersburg, FL.  Around that time she had been to Bakti Fest in California, and was totally taken by the level of full-out participation of the audience in a kirtan setting.  Not only were they singing the responses in the chanting that uses repetition of holy names and sacred phrases, mostly in sanscrit, they were also dancing and moving at the same time! 

Out of Joy's inspiration, we formed a band called The Kirtonics, and began to present our unique brand of kirtan, which we named Kirtonica.  It is a "singing, chanting, moving, dancing tonic for the heart and soul!"  And as a singer and teacher of New Thought and Truth Principles through music, we also work with affirmations in English set to music.  The driving force behind the music is the percussion section as well as the Intention behind the lyrics.

We were fortunate enough to find some wonderful people to help form the band in St. Pete, including Raihan Alam, who is a master hand drummer AND didgeridoo player, who continues to perform with me.  Also present in the first incarnation of The Kirtonics was Shakuntala on percussion, Joel Jadus on vocals and guitar and Mark Cohen on bass.

That summer I went on my annual tour of the Northeast, and continued to present "A Satsang and Kirtan" at churches, community centers and yoga studios. When I returned to Sarasota in September I invited Raihan and my friend Michael Corley to join me in a "Welcome Home Faerie Elaine Concert" held at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light.  It was a fantastic combination and caused much excitement when Raihan started to accompany Michael on sitar with his didge!  The three of us had a unique synergy and I am excited to announce that we have performed two more times since as The Kirtonics, both "Kirtoncerts" were for the benefit of The Lightworkers Healing Method scholarship fund.

 I I I I I I I 


October 21, 2010 

Today is a beautiful day!  I am happy to report the following:

On 10-10-10, I was officially ordained as a Priestess in the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, CA.  So now it's "Rev. Faerie Elaine"  LOLLLLL.  

We had a very successful summer/early fall in the Northeast and out West.  We are looking forward to being there again next year.  On the drive back to Sarasota, we saw some beautiful fall foliage, which I hadn't really witness very much in the past 8 years.  I love how the trees go out in a blaze of glory each year!  

I am also on Facebook, and keep up with it much more than here.  Please check it out.

Love and blessings, Faerie Elaine  :-D 


November 25, 2009

This is the day before Thanksgiving, and I have soooooooo much for which to be grateful!

I am sitting in the home office of my husband!  Yes, husband, who lives in Arlington, Virginia and works as a materials engineer for the US Navy.

We met at Fiddle and Dance Camp at Ashkan, NY, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains on June 29, 2009 while I was on my extended Northeast Tour and staying in New Jersey with my family.  We quickly saw how much we have in common, and how well we get along.  We saw each other as often as we could, which was quite a bit.

He met me in California in late September and we went to Las Vegas and tied the love knot on September 29th, the most auspicious day to get married, according to the Vedas.  This was quite a coincidence and we love the serendipity of it all!

My beloved is named Donald James Alexander, and is being called James now as a way of commemorating his new self and life.  We are planning to have James move to Sarasota as soon as he finds suitable employment in the area. 

We are certainly kindred Spirits and we are Bashert to one another.  We love to dance, play music, have philosophical discussions, laugh, play, plan and be together.  At the moment, I am feeling very complete taking care of our Virginia home, cooking, lining up singing engagements and visualizing our life together in lovely, warm Florida when the time is right.  We are requesting that our friends and fans see this happening at the perfect moment and we thank you for believing in us as a beautiful example of mutual manifiestation and feeling both blessed and lucky to have found each other. 

And I am so grateful for this outlet to express myself, my plans, goals and to share all of my accomplishements with a loving heart and eager soul for more.  Thanks for checking this out and for your support and love.  YOU are Divine.  Blessed Be. 

Faerie Elaine Silver - Alexander  :-D  :-D

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Touch The Earth CD Cover
Touch The Earth CD Cover

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Blessings and love to you, my beloved friends, fans and family around the world.

Summer, 2008


Announcing Elaine's wonderful songbook:

The Art of Peace

All of her songs from this recording of "Truth Principles Shared Through Music," 
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June 3, 2008

Exciting News!

I have, as of May 18th, become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator!

I attended an event last year where I first became aware of this wonderful, inspiring process, and brought it to one of my workshops in October. While I was presenting it, I got very clear that this is what I had been looking for as an adjunct to my musical workshops. The experience of witnessing people becoming clear about their passions and then making a conscious choice to live their lives favor of them, was awe inspiring.

It is even more inspiring for me is to live my life this way; out of the clarity of "Intention, Attention, No Tension." It is a simple, yet deeply valuable event that will cause you to line up with your priorities in a way that enables your True Destiny to come to the forefront.

Please contact me if you would like to set up a private consultation, group activity, or as part of your special event. Pricing available upon request.

April 3, 2008

It has been a busy, busy time. I am looking forward to taking some time off on a vacation in Mexico this month, as well as preparing for my upcoming tour of the Norhteast and California. I will be doing some more recording with the inimitable John Guth in New York and am looking forward to the release of "Blissfully Abundant" later on this year.

February 17, 2008

This was written and sent out to my loved ones in early November. It is the story of how my new song and upcoming CD title track "Blissfully Abundant" came into being. It was quite magical and inspiring and I love to share it. Enjoy!

"Blissfully Abundant"
A story in Elaine's Own Words

November 1, 2007

Greetings from the studio of the GREAT John Guth in New York.

We have just mixed this original song "Blissfully Abundant," and I am so pleased because it has beautiful fiddle accompaniment by the inimitable JAY UNGAR.

Ever since I first became aware of Jay's playing, I knew I wanted him to be on my record "someday." This was in the 1970s, before I ever recorded anything. Jay was always willing to play on my recordings, but so many times it just didn't happen, due to scheduling and busyness. I moved on to some other great fiddlers over the years, including Larry Campbell, who was in Bob Dylan's band for many years, as well as Grammy Award-winner Lisa Gutkin, who plays with the Klezmatics. Lisa, John and I continue to "make beautiful music together," and I see this happening for a long time to come.

I was commissioned by the Blissful Abundance Conference, held last April in the Black Hills of South Dakota, to write a theme song for this wonderful event in which I also presented and sang. It was an amazing experience because not only did I participate in a life-altering process, I was also "adopted" by a group of Native American Lakota women who work at the dorms of Pine Ridge Reservation, the place mentioned in the book, "I Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee." This is an extremely high honor which I cherish deeply.

I was at a Swing Dance at Gulfport Casino in Florida last winter when the DJ played a gorgeous fiddle waltz. When he told me it was "Lover's Waltz" by Jay and Molly I was so excited because I know them! I went online and ordered the CD. I love the whole recording, but THAT song had such an impact on me. I actually listened to it one night over and over for 5 hours!!! I realized then that the reason I am so drawn to Jay's fiddling is because he seems to play with the same emotion and feeling that my father had in his playing. I gave a copy of the CD to my mom, who also loves it.

Shortly after this I became inspired to write "Blissfully Abundant," which I had begun a few times in 4/4 time, but this time it just came out as a waltz. I LOVE working from inspiration rather than motivation, and am committed to doing that as much as possible. When this occurs, I can "work" all day and be uplifted and not tired, the way I can get when I motivate myself.

I knew I had to have Jay play on this recording and it HAS happened. I share it with you now and hope that you enjoy it too. It will be available on my forthcoming CD "Blissfully Abundant" this coming summer.

Thanks for reading my story. It shows just how powerful "The Law of Attraction" is.

 January, 2008
 2008 Law of Attraction Tour with Elaine Silver
Elaine Silver, Traveling Musical Minister

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to present my new musical program:
"The Law of Attraction In Action With Inspired Music."

This unique program works as a concert, workshop or as the actual lesson in Sunday services at New
Thought and progressive churches and Spiritual Centers.

This is an interactive, spiritually-based musical presentation that includes teaching the Law of Attraction Principle and having the group participate
in various ways that give them an actual experience of raising their vibratory rates.
Some ways of doing this are:

feeling grateful,
laughing, singing(!), dancing,
sharing, feeling heard,
participating in activities
that touch our heart and soul.

I have recently given this program as the Sunday Lesson at the following churches with grand results:

Unity of Clearlake, Clearlake, CA
Unitarian Church of New Brunswick, NJ
Center For Spiritual Living, Albany, NY
Esprit Center of Religious Science, Naples, FL
Manatee Spiritual Center, Palmetto, FL
Unity of Ocala, FL
Unity of Gainesville, FL
Unity of Albany, NY
Church of Religious Science, Albany, NY
Unity Community of Joy, Sun City Center, FL
Unity of Leesburg, FL
Unity of Sussex, Lafayette, NJ
Center For Conscious Living, Largo, FL
Unity Spiritual Center, Oviedo, FL
UU Congregation of Somerset Hills, NJ
Church of Religious Science, Ukiah, CA
Church of Religious Science, Westwood, NJ
Creative Light Church of Religious Science, New York, NY
Spiritual Enrichment Center, San Francisco, CA
Religious Science Creative Thought Center, Waynesville, NC
Unity Christ Center, Edgewater, FL
Unity Community Church, Dunedin, FL
Unity In The Grove, Lakeland, FL

AND the list goes on.........

People have been receiving it with open hearts and minds, as we hope your congregation will as well.


June 6, 2007

Faeries Are Gathering CDs ARE HERE!!!

This is a compilation of all the Faerie songs "Faerie" Elaine has recorded (11 in all) over the past 13 years, plus two, never-before-recorded selections, for a grand total of 13 songs! All in one convenient collection!


September 9, 2006

The Art of Peace Has Arrived!

Elaine's brand new CD is here and ready to be shipped to you. See below for instructions.


May, 2006

Announcing Elaine Silver's forthcoming CD recording:

The Art of Peace

Available Summer, 2006!

$23 for one / $18 for 2 or more of any of her CDs

Please make checks payable to Elaine Silver. VISA and MasterCard also accepted. Send orders to:

Check to Elaine Silver
2616 Emory Drive E
Unit K
West Palm Beach, FL  33415 
941.320.0895 - Call in with credit card numbers.

May 17, 2005

Elaine is now in the process of recording her forthcoming CD "The Art of Peace." The title was inspired when she opened for best-selling author Marianne Williamson who gave her talk of the same title and presenting wonderful subject material. The quote that touched and inspired Elaine to write the song is: "Our Spiritual victory lies in rising above the mental forces of fear and limitation. Just as there is a so called art of waging war, there is an Art of waging Peace." Thank you Marrianne Williamson!

Pre-purchase the CD now and assist Elaine by giving her your current support to fund the making of the CD.

I'm Good At Speech recording now available in CD Format!

AH-Leluia" - The full length vesion of the Alleluia Canon, which appears on "The Lady of the Lake" recording has just been released. It is available now.

"FUN STUFF" - The lighter side of Elaine will also be available in a few months. Songs titles include: Stinkin' Thinkin'; I Can See Your Aura; I'll See You In C.U.B.A.; The Diet Song; Red Hot, Red Hat Mama; Mocking Bird Hill; and 10 more tunes (16 in all).

Send check or money order, payable to Elaine Silver to:

PO Box 865
Sarasota, FL 34239 USA 
VISA and MasterCard also accepted.

Host a Fantasy Inspired Jewelry and Gift Party and recieve FREE gifts of your choice. Includes a FREE Mini-concert! Can be "piggy backed" onto another event you create. Contact 941. 320.0895 for more informaion and to schedule.

Thanks and blessings from the Silver Stream of Consciousness.