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Art of Peace CD

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Art of Peace CD

Art Of Peace CD

Truth Principles Shared Through Music

"Our spiritual victory lies in rising above the mental forces of fear and limitation. Just as there is a so-called art of waging war, there is an art of waging peace."
Marianne Williamson
  1. I Am the Light of the Living God
  2. There Is Only Love
  3. Soul To Soul
  4. The Art of Peace
  5. Walls and Window
  6. In God's Hands
  7. Shekinah
  8. I Am
  9. Oh My Love
  10. This Thing Called Life
  11. Have No Fear
  12. Spirit Divine
Announcing Elaine's wonderful songbook:

The Art of Peace

All of her songs from this recording of 
"Truth Principles Shared Through Music" 
With music, chords AND simple piano arrangements.

$30 per book includes shipping in the USA.

Special Deal: 
Only $40 (includes shipping in the USA) for the songbook AND the CD  "The Art of Peace!"

VISA and MasterCard as well as PayPal accepted.
For fastest service call 941/954-4312 to order.

Sound Samples / Free MP3s

I am the Light of the Living God

There is Only Love

Soul To Soul

Oh My Love

In God's Hands

Art Of Peace

Art Of Peace Lyrics