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Elaine grew up in a a rather large extended family in Northern New Jersey.  The house (and car on long trips) were ALWAYS filled with music, especially singing.  Both parents played piano and her dad was a concert violinist and excellent musician, teacher of music and teacher of foreign languages, who also possesed a wonderful voice.  Her live-in maternal grandfather was also a concert pianist and her mom’s Aunt Catherine often sang and played the piano for the family’s enjoyment.
Each of her four siblings are holisitc doctors and all of them possess musical talent, but it is Elaine who had the drive and ambition to really go for her life-long dream of being a full-time musician.  She made that declaration in the late 1970s and has been a success ever since.  With 17 recording projects (14 of them full-length CDs), thousands and thousands of miles and hundreds and hundreds of performances and appearances later, she is embarking upon a time of staying more local.  She is taking time daily to promote her music in ways where she gets to be home, and is eager to share her gifts of touching hearts and minds through her music.
Elaine recently married her "Bashert" and is busy being happy in Sarasota and Southern Maryland.
She has designed a program for Seniors and absolutely loves presenting it along with her lively Spirit and sweet way of being with the clients who often leave the performance with more open hearts.  Elaine makes certain that she meets and greets the members of the audience with a touching moment or two of personal time with each person.
She often begins her program with a few original pieces, usually inviting the group to sing along with a word or two.  She then moves on to more familiar material including folk songs of the ‘60s, as well as old time favorites she heard as a child.  Then she will pick up her banjo and frail an old-timey fiddle tune and sing some traditional folk songs.  There is something for everyone with LOTS of singing along!
Affordable Rates
Please contact us at 941.320.0895 to set up a performance.  She is also available to provide healing singing and playing for Hospice patients and their families.
For Soundbytes: www.elainesilver.com  / www.myspace.com/silverelaine