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A compilation of songs that honor and celebrate the Earth, the Moon and the Stars.  It includes some out of print selections as well as some brand new material.

 Song Titles - 18 in all!

1) Touch The Earth 
2) Walk On Common Ground 
3) Walkin’ Under Scorpio D 
4) Infinitely Faerie 
5) The Blue and Green 
6) Grandmother Moon 
7) Goddess Guide Us
8) Sister Moon Brother Sun 
9) God Is the Sun / Goddess Is the Earth 
10) Full In the Full Moon Light 
11) Sunset In Cape May 
12) Stormwinds 
13) The Blue Moon Song/Faeries’ Moon 
14) Call On the Moon 
15) The Heart of A Woman 
16) Arianrhod 
17) May the Long Time Sun Shine 
18) By the Earth