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Elaine’s Goddess Biography

August, 2016 


This is a long and powerful journey of the heart and soul that has brought so much goodness to me and many others in my “spiritual tribes.” 

Always a seeker, I first became familiar with the Goddess in the late 1980’s at the monthly full moon circle gatherings held at the Unitarian Fellowship in Morristown, NJ.  It was here where I met the highly acclaimed and talented author Barbara G. Walker, whose first work on feminist spirituality in 1981, The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets was celebrated.  The monthly moon group was partially inspired to begin by this “herstorical” work of Barbara’s by some of the feminist members of the Fellowship, and was the basis for many women to gather and share knowledge and ritual in a safe and sacred space.  

When I joined this nonhierarchical and loose association in 1989 my life shifted to a new place of love and grace as we honored each other a women and Goddesses.  I learned how to set intentions utilizing group energy and sealing them with a cone of Power.  I learned about calling in the directions and sharing the talking stick, and my absolute favorite ceremony: the passing of the sacred blessing cup where each women received and gave a blessing in circle.  We could do this for ourselves by each taking on a tiny role of Priestess.  This made my heart and soul sing as I first felt the divine power of the Goddess within.  YAY!  The Heart of a Woman, Calling All Directions, By the Earth 

From there I discovered Womongathering, an annual festival sponsored by Lee Glanton in Pennsylvania.  I was hired by Lee to work with the young girls with the lovely Faerie energy that had discovered me in the early 1990’s and still works through me as presenter at Faerie Festivals, kids events and concerts for all ages.

It was around this same time that I also discovered the Science of Mind teachings and New Thought philosophy at the First Church of Religious Science, also in Morristown, NJ (now known as The Center for Spiritual Living Morristown).  For the first time ever I felt comfortable in a church and religious setting and actually became an enthusiastic member.  This was due to the fact that in the Science of Mind teachings, we are not told WHAT to think but we are taught HOW to think.  What an empowering difference for me, and I am so very grateful for this wonderful languaging that shows up in my life and in my original songs to this day. Shekina, Goddess Guide Us, God is the Sun / Goddess is the Earth, Conscious Communion

Not long after this, in 1995, I was invited to present music at a little store in Mendocino, CA.   Pacific Moonrise Herbs was owned an operated by Nympha Cole, a wise woman that I met in the 80’s in Northern New Jersey at the fabulous Peter’s Valley Craft Shows where I was a regular performer for years.  Nympha and her husband Roy had a little seasonal shop in Barnegat Light, down the shore in New Jersey where they sold wonderfully crafted essential oils, herbs and other goodies.  Once they moved to Northern California I had a home base from which to work.  In 1998, Nympha gently pushed me to present a musical ritual at her then annual event The Gathering of the Woman Clan, held at the greatly missed and sweetly remembered Hearts and Hands Retreat Center in Albion, CA.  It was there that I met Marilyn “Motherbear” Scott, another wise woman who invited me to participate and present at her annual Goddess Gather, held at first at Jug Handle Creek Farm in Mendocino County, CA and then moved to Isis Oasis a unique retreat center in Geyserville, CA.  

Isis Oasis is also the home of the Temple of the Goddess Isis and is a sanctuary for many birds, cats and other animals.  It was here where I was introduced to Lady Loreon, the reigning high priestess and sweetly eccentric owner of Isis Oasis.  I had a defining moment with her when she put a baby ocelot in my arms to hold!  Do stop in if you’re traveling in Northern California.  

Lady Loreon, (deceased in 2014), offered me a scholarship in becoming an ordained Priestess in the Temple of Isis by submitting my spiritual biography.  It was quite something to go back in time in my mind and acknowledge all the people, classes, ritual, festivals and events that have helped shaped me into a Priestess of Divinity, and I was ordained on 10-10-10. Gather for the Goddess

It was also in the late 1990’s that I met Eclipse Neilson at Womongathering in Pennsylvania.  She invited me to participate and present at WomenCircles, another annual event that has been taking for many years in late August at Rowe Camp and Conference Center in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts.  It was here that I was given the title and job of Faerie Priestess and was amazed at the fabulous sisterhood that continues to develop and grow with these lovely women.  Eclipse is a wonderful visionary and channel as she opens herself to a different Goddess to come through her as the new theme each year at WomenCircles, which has recently evolved into Woman Soul.  She and I have collaborated on at least four (and counting?) divine songs inspired by these empowering and wondrous events and Goddesses. The Lady of the Lake, Arianrhod, I Am the Universe

In 2014 my husband and I moved to West Palm Beach for his job.  It was on the Florida East Coast that I teamed up with my now dear friend Susan Joyce Proctor, an Ayurvedic practitioner and “foodie.”  She was beginning to present Goddess Salons for women that feature an Ayurvedically-balanced meal and a sharing circle.  I asked her if she would be interested in having me present a bit of music and luckily, she said “Yes!”  It was a great match and each time she had another one scheduled, I created a song inspired by the featured Goddess of that event.  My decades of practicing yoga, chanting and being open to the Divine gave me additional insight for creating these songs. Song for my Beloved, La La La Lalita, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Om Radha, Radhay Krishna, Durga Durgay

As I write this now, I am in the recording studio with engineer John “the band” Guth, as we are putting finishing touches on the songs of Goddess Guide Us.  I appreciate being here and basking in the Light of the Goddess as she moves through and as me and through anyone who chooses this path.  May yours be blessed and may you remain a blessing.

Blessed Be, 

“Rev. Faerie” Elaine of the Silver Stream of Consciousness

September, 2016 

The following is my "spiritual bio," required submission to be ordained as a Priestess in the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, CA.  This divine appointment occured on 10-10-10:
My name is Elaine Marie Silver.  I grew up in the suburbs of Morris County New Jersey, in a musical family which always encouraged me to follow my passion of singing and performing.

As a child, I produced musical events for my family and for the neighbors. Throughout my developing years, I had many opportunities to musically shine.  Beginning in junior high school chorus, I was often spotlighted as a soloist, and in high school I was a chosen member of both the North Jersey and All State Choruses.  Not surprisingly, I became a vocal performance major in college, both in classical and jazz.  As early as age 18 or 19, I committed to pursuing music as my career, and have been successful at doing this as my full time profession since 1979.

In the mid-1970's I also began a journey of self-discovery.  By attending many workshops, including the est Training in 1976, I embarked on a path of empowerment and love.  It was in the mid-1980's that I had a Spiritual Awakening, and began to express my transformation through my music.  Later on in that decade, I discovered the Goddess as a result of attending monthly Full Moon Circles held at the Morristown (NJ) Unitarian Fellowship.  These gatherings were initially inspired by the writings of feminist author Barbara G. Walker, a then-resident of Morristown, who also acted as the group "herstorian."  I was very inspired as I learned more about the Goddess and Earth-based Spirituality.  I even started my own New Moon Circle which, for a number of years, met each month at my home in Montville, NJ.  These times produced an amazingly joyful and sweet sisterhood that still exists, and we lovingly refer to ourselves as "The Goddesses."

Magically, in 1993, the Faeries came into my life, and I began to incorporate Goddess ritual with the sharing of sweet Faerie energy.  I was in a place of greatly inspired creativity where many songs and stories were born, including my name,"Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream of Consciousness."  I was invited to present Faerie activities and ritual at various events, including Womongathering in Pennsylvania, a Faerie Gathering at The Wise Women Center in Saugerties, NY, and for many years I had the honor of standing in as Faerie Priestess at Women Circles Retreats, held annually at Rowe Conference Center in Rowe, Massachusetts.  The Faerie Movement was alive and well in the Northeast, and much magic was afoot.

Around that same time, I discovered New Thought Philosophy and began studying the teachings of the Science of Mind and Universal Law.  I learned to utilize scientific prayer, also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment or Spiritual Alignment, as a part of my own spiritual practice.  The many years of classes have given me a wealth of ideas and insight which continue to influence my song writing and workshop presentations.  I have been filling in for ministers for the past 8 years at numerous New Thought and Metaphysical Centers such as Unity Churches, Centers For Spiritual Living and even some Unitarian Churches.  I often share empowering platform presentations, which include varying themes, held in a context of singing, chanting and audience participation.

I have been presented with MANY testimonials that acknowledge the healing power of my voice.  I have been divinely blessed to have been given this gift, and I happily share it with those who choose to open to these Truth teachings.  I know that the sound of music is very healing, and it is a scientific fact that music raises the vibratory rate of those who actively participate.  This is one step in focusing energy to assist ourselves in becoming conscious creators of our own realities.  My aim and purpose is to assist people in discovering their own divinity and our Oneness.

It is with deep appreciation that I become an ordained Priestess in The Temple of Isis, as well as taking on the responsibility of aspecting the "Voice of Isis."  It is a great honor, and I do this with much love and devotion.


Rev. "Faerie" Elaine Silver
Emissary of Divine Law and Love   
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